Eating with technology is really making you get weight?!

Eating with technology is really making you get weight?!

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Lunches and dinners with Tv or smartphones make you get weight. It is the heads up from the University of Birmingham, which states low attention in what we eat naturally take us to eat more.

Nothing new actually, but what is jaw-dropping here, is that researchers are not just talking about meals where technology is present, but also concerning future snacks!

The memory built during the meal would play a key role in staying away from treats during the day.  Breaking meals memories with technology in fact, would expose us to an higher probability to eat more later.

The University of Birmingham performed different studies around the topic. People have been generally exposed to different distraction levels, checking and comparing their eating behaviours. Whom have been distracted to high levels (i.e. games with money prizes) during meals, had consumed 69% more snacks than people who were not distracted at all. Whom have been exposed to medium level distraction (i.e. games with no prizes) consumed 28% more snacks.

The result is consequently confirming (again) how awareness about what we eat is impacting on present and future eating behaviours.

Chiara Cecchini
Food Innovation Dreamer & Energetic FeatApp CEO 

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