Autumn’s finest? Mushrooms, of course.

Autumn’s finest? Mushrooms, of course.

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Mushrooms are some of Fall’s greatest gifts, and Italy has an abundance of flavors that are perfect for transforming into delicious, versatile meals. From the porcini’s perfect umami flavor to the everyday button mushroom, each species has it’s own unique profile. Mushrooms are special because they are surprisingly resistant to industrial cultivation due to their unique propagating system through spores rather than seeds, which means foraging is often the preferred collection method. Innovation in growing has allowed progress in the propagation world of mushrooms, with companies such as Back to the Roots taking mushrooms from the wild to your home.

As delicious as mushrooms are, they are just as finicky and delicate, which means knowing how to prepare and preserve them is crucial. Here are some quick tips from the Culinary Institute of America on how to get the most out of your mushrooms, and a primer all the various types.

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